i'm mathilde. it's maybe my 7th account on the fediverse by now, you would have guessed: i like the fediverse as much as i hate it. i’m angry, but i still have empathy and can feel lonely sometimes.

another trans girl struggling with mental illness & other social issues.

at this moment i live near the forest, by a lake, in some peaceful place and i'm really into music, books, hiking, swimming & old affordable cars.

you are indeed welcome to follow me. :sparkles_trans:

@mthld Hi and welcome again I guess? As for the follow, sure why not.

If I understand you correctly people are welcome to follow you, but not if they use fedilab? So far I've been on tusky but now that I'm having a look at fedilalab I mustn't follow you, right?

@regines I'm no cop, I have no idea if you are using Fedilab or not, you must make your own choices.

Then what does your toot saying no fedilab in your timeline mean?

@regines what are you looking to achieve here?

I said Fedilab main dev is a free speech asshole supporting fashs. Now you got the info make your choice.

I'm just curious and try to understand people.

Using a product, especially without paying for it and without trying to convince people of using it as well doesn't mean that I agree with the view of the developer(s).

@regines the tools you use are political too, they aren't disconnected from the society and the means people use them for.

When as a developer you refuse to take responsibility for what you create, especially when it's about taking action to prevent harm being done to minorities, I believe users must think further than "using a product", decide what's good or wrong and stand for it.

To me that sounds as if you are trying to say something like creators of knifes meant to be used in a kitchen should take responsibility for those knifes sometimes also being used for murders.
Or where/how do I get you wrong? 🤔

@regines you know what? I'm tired, stressed and now triggered af and I do not wish to continue this conversation.

Do as you wish with your fediverse client, but please don't come in my timeline asking for answers because I try to warn people about fashs on the fediverse. Thanks.

I was just trying to understand you. 🤷‍♀️
Take care and thanks for your responses.

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