if i had 700USD to buy a smartphone iโ€™ll get a brand new iPhone and not a made by those fascists from

if you think Free Software is more important than basic human rights then i donโ€™t want to be part of your toxic community

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@mthld tu fais rรฉfรฉrence ร  quoi?


Probablement ร  la campagne de diffamation contre le directeur du marketing de #Purism, Bryan Lunduke :


@xdej au fait que leurs conditions dโ€™utilisations permettent expressรฉment ร  des fafs dโ€™utiliser leurs services, quโ€™ils sont OK avec รงa et refusent dโ€™entendre nโ€™importe quel argument visant ร  empรชcher des gens de se faire harceler.

En substance ce sont des pro-freespeech, libertariens de merde ร  lโ€™amรฉricaine, tellement privilรฉgiรฉs quโ€™ils vivent sans une bulle et sont persuadรฉs que nโ€™importe quelle action visant ร  protรฉger des minorisรฉEs ร  poue but de limiter leurs libertรฉs.

@mthld ye, but those two allow you to run more than just custom Android based ROMs

@grainloom yes, but again, I have no time to hack with my smartphone.

I'm interested in theses features and have little to no interest in anything else:
- Internet tethering to my laptop
- Photos
- Emails
- Instant messaging
- 2FA (double authentification)
- Using my bank app

And I like these features to work "out of the box".


Isn't tethering blocked by commercial operating systems unless you buy a plan specifically allowing tethering?
Because last time I looked into it, that was the situation on Android. You had to re-compile it with patches to fix it, but at least it had that option.

And again, what's your goal with speaking out against free software projects?

The libre phone projects could certainly provide all those features you ask for, given enough financial and community support.


You can criticize a project's bad politics without dismissing its goals. There is a baby in that bathwater.

@grainloom you know, what's upset me isn't the ultimate FOSS goals. Intimately I might share them...

The problem is, as I said in the first post in this thread, all the stuff around. People thinking digital "liberties" is more important than basic human rights. Technology "empowerment" is no use if it's not done correctly, and actually no one is doing it the proper way.

@mthld @grainloom Freedom is also being free to not use products made my fascist-enabling turds. I don't care how good the product is, it's just one of those things I try to not overlook. If that means I suffer with lack of convenience, so be it. โœŠ


"no one" is a damn big exaggeration and there have been improvements even in communities where we thought there would be none, see eg. Linus Torvalds admitting that him being an asshole was hurting people and the kernel project.

What we need is a strong community and that means people who aren't afraid to speak up when someone fucks up, but it also means not sabotaging everything else just because you don't like a few things or because the projects can't serve your needs just yet.

@grainloom what's the purpose of waiting for something getting better if in fact it can't? Will I need to work for something to be good to my grand children? Operational 2090?

I hope (if I do end having grand children) they won't need any digital device in there life.


It can work though, it works for a lot of people and a lot of them aren't developers or even power users.

Look at successes like Blender.

The claim that free software can't work is just plain false.

@grainloom you know, I don't think we'll find an agreement on this, because ultimately to me, Free Software isn't something.

I don't have the luxury to wait for things getting better in my life. It's now or never.

It may be sad for the tech hobbyists, all the FOSS advocates, but it's not my problem, I don't have their privileges.

If something isn't good now, it's not good, I'll use something better. FOSS or not, I don't care, there is more urgent priorities than the licensing permissions.


Ok, as I said, use whatever works.

But if you can't see that your needs aren't representative, you fall into the same trap as the tech elitists.

And don't sabotage the alternatives, or we will be in deep shit.


> If something isn't good now, it's not good

ps.: this is a very shaky claim, lots of things are only beneficial in the long run. sometimes you gotta eat your veggies if you wanna have dessert.


Digital devices are actually extremely helpful. Just as an example, a (relatively well written) HTML page can be read both by a blind person and a sighted one.
On the other hand, Braille books and audiobooks are expensive to produce.

Building bridges or any kind of construction work also relies on simulations and CAD tools.

But, again, hopefully I don't have to explain this.


10 years of fighting an uphill battle against megacorps.

Bit of a difference.

And I'm not saying "don't use Apple", I'm saying, "don't sabotage free software".

@mthld Well, more than 10 if we look at it from the start.

And there is the other side.
Apple and its ilk allow the exploitation of their users by app developers. If there is no alternative to them, we are fucked.

And yes, I know Apple is relatively more user-friendly, but iOS is not the market leader.


And even Apple is not going to throw out Facebook.


But a project like Guix? They would yeet that crap before the commits even hit their git repos.

@mthld @grainloom I don't think people understand how many developers in general are extremely toxic people. Men's rights fuckers, racists, sexists, there are a TON. I'm a developer and it saddens me,but that is the reality. This isn't going to be fixed by the community unless they stop worshipping these people just because they work on FOSS and actually start getting them out of the projects.
@mthld @grainloom Game development has these same issues. Yet we continue to deify them and give them money.

@mthld Well, I also heard someone talking about getting a more expensive plan on the train from Szeged to Budapest.

But again, the location wouldn't matter if the system was impossible to lock down like that.

@mthld this is a take I haven't heard before. Can you explain?

@Argus i'm really tired of doing this you know. This has been explained numerous times by some people on the fediverse.

Basically: is running One (the all in one cloud services, they don't give a shit about their responsabilities. They are OK with fashs and harassers using their plateforme. They won't do moderation, they told us to piss-off. When the bad buzz finally hit them, they tried to defend themselves without actually answering anything. They are fuckers and like every fossbro on Earth, they should die painfully.

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