i love how people using GNU/Linux on desktop think their OS is superior to everything else, how pedant it is

like everyone must need to know configuring basic stuff with unaccessible cli-tools

and yes, GNU/Linux is far superior than macOS cuz u know, u can move the top panel around, but still can't print a PDF file or use bluetooth properly heh!

i should make the same pedant posts about cars...

like, how dare u drive a car without knowing to replace a disengaged double-clutch hydraulic system, heh!??? :hhHHHAAAH:

ableist bullshit 

@mthld that's a bit unfair considering that macOS officially supports precisely one (1) hardware vendor, so the number of drivers they have to write is reduced by like, 90% compared to Linux.

it's only a fair comparison if you buy hardware that officially supports Linux.

I do agree that the elitists suck, tho.

@grainloom you know, i started using GNU/Linux on desktop on a daily basis in 2009. First with a cheap laptop cuz i needed it to be more efficient, then I bought a second hand IBM ThinkPad, then a Lenovo ThinkPad. I eventually ended up buying some expensive Dell XPS Developer Edition with Ubuntu 16.04 preinstalled.

I never had a seamless user experience, even when I stopped playing the hacker (running exotic window managers, strange shell interpreters...), I followed Ubuntu LTS release. Reinstalling from scratch every major update, taking very good care of my OS (my job was now being a GNU/Linux sysadmin taking daily care of numerous production servers), still some broken functionalities drove me really crazy.

Most people can’t understand it’s a privilege to have time and sufficient knowledge to deal fixing stuff that shouldn’t be broken on your own personal computer.

Personally, as i was already fixing shit all day for other peoples, i was really fed up when coming home (for example) trying to connect my Bluetooth audio speaker to my Lenovo ThinkPad T460s for 30min without success.

Now i use macOS daily and i don’t have to bother with hacking to make basic functionalities working. I’m really happier like this, that’s a real big problem sources eradicated from my life.

@mthld Well, if you want people to have a seamless desktop experience, Apple is never gonna give it to them.

It would require them giving up their walled garden model and good luck getting them to do that and good luck getting them not to be greedy assholes.

So we have a bit of a dilemma. One project* has the potential to be beneficial and accessible to pretty much everyone, but it needs a better community.
The other only cares about those with the big bucks.

*: more like a family or projects tbh


Basically, time is a privilege, but so is money.


So, you want a future controlled by Apple or one where communities can care for their own needs?

@grainloom basically: i don't care at all.

All this digital stuff isn't a life goal to me, I'd be happy to use none.
Still, it's needed because the society went this way, alright. Then I prefer dealing with some closed ecosystems that enable me to preserve my poor health condition, than burn out doing some fucked up hacking stuff.

And Apple shits aren't so expensive when you buy them second hand or refurbished. People buying those expensives "Fairphone" are definitely richer than me. πŸ˜…

The PinePhone is pretty damn cheap and the ZeroPhone is even cheaper.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you what an economy of scale is.

@grainloom yes, for sure, but it's not accessible at all. Money isn't the only entry point.

The FairPhone is expensive because they have to do full supply chain verification to make sure it's produced fairly. That is actually very expensive and it's the reason why Pine64 can't afford to make such claims about its ethics. They try to contract factories with good records, but without going to China to verify them in person, they can't be sure. And that would cost a lot of money and would make their phones too expensive to the average customer.

works both out of the box here by the way. i did fiddle around with the vpn and the data syncronization.

@zem yes, yes, "it works for me", i know. But still, it doesn't works for everyone. :)

right now my biggest fight is desktop sharing during online presentations and graphical remote access, tbh. there are also incredibly few ressources regarding role based access management.

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