can anyone suggest podcasts about :witch_hat: witchcraft :witch_hat: (tbf, anythinng, even if im mostly focusing on tarot, astrology and ancestors right now) and/or ⌨️ coding ⌨️ (better if it is something for newbies or anyone open to all levels).

the only thing i would like to have in these podcast is an at least slightly
:burning_cop_car: anti-capitalist :burning_cop_car: point of view? not asking for anything radical, just dont make fucking money and/or corporates the focus of anything?

:boost_ok: :at_me:

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:blobcat_thisisfine: anything i listen to regarding tech and whatnot, the speakers are either full-on capitalists or dull reformists.

the former talking about living on mars (how detached can you be from OUR world if your concern is another fucking planet?) and the latter talking about defunding the police to have more buses.

and don't get me wrong, i'm an abolish-cars-in-favour-of-public-transports-only kind of person and i would love to see the fucking outer space, but i think that the here and now are called like this for a reason.

and tech, like magic, has so much potential, so much power to heal and help, that listening about mars breaks my heart the same way when someone does a tarot reading to know if they might get a promotion at work.

it's like what the actual fuck, mate. :its_cool:

@mms i love rise up good witch podcast. i don’t think they are doing any new episodes but there’s a substantial backlog of really good episodes! definitely from an anti-capitalist anti-colonialism pov

@essentiallygrey yes, love the title already!
thank you very much. :blobwitch:

@mms rune soup is good! - not exceptionally radical but definitely 'more than liberal' left.

@mms hermetix is a very academic treatment of underappreciated occult theorists

@PinkCathodeCat amazing! thank you for the suggestions! i will check them both out. :bunhdheart:

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