has anyone tried/have been using ?

is it the true "anonymous" alternative to they declare to be?

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@mms The technical claims might be true, though not verified to nearly the extend as they are for something like Signal.

What's much more worrying are the political affiliations of the developers, which seem to reach quite deeply into the alt-right:

@meena it's quite telling that the problem apparently was him not understanding how damaging putting his political views on the Internet is to the underlying org and not that he had these views in the first place. Blaming that on Autism is the cherry on top.


@meena that whole thread it's quite a cringe sequence of excuses. and saying "they're a fash just because they're neurodivergent" it's way beyond shit. fuck them. let's repeat that in front of our neurodivergent comrades! :punchnazis:

@mms looking into this a bit more, one of the developers has said that the person in question has demonstrably changed. The whole bit about explaining his behaviour by being neuroatypical is clearly bullshit though.

Also it seems like the entire tech stack that Session relies on is deeply embedded into cryptocurrency stuff. Checking the profile of the person I linked above yields a bunch of crypto shilling.
So I'm not sure this constitutes an improvement.

@hay bullshit at the very least, ableist i would say to be fair.

and the "this person has changed now" is just bullshit. like, have they hold themselves accountable? have they tried to reach the offended parties? have they done anything to prove this change?

anyway, thank you very much for the insight. it gave me loads of clarity. :QueerCatHeart:

@mms no, they started out as a Signal fork and nowadays even *removed* a couple of privacy features that they used to have, because Signal implemented it, because they couldn't make it work with their infrastructure. Dropping state-of-the-art privacy features such as Perfect Forward Secrecy because they couldn't make it work in their system doesn't sound like they are up to the task of providing a private and secure messaging solution… If they prioritize "ease of deployment" over privacy…

@cherti thank you very much. i was really attracted by the fact you didnt need any sort of phone number and/or email to use it, but then issues of other nature came up.

if you know of any good chat/texting app with a similar feature, feel free to suggest it.

@mms it depends a little on what kind of scenario you have in mind. Messaging other people in general? or just a specific small group of people or a project chat or something like this?

@mms I love it, been using it with some friends, seems legit and if you believe their security audit, it is. I highly recommend it, a great alternative to signal with no identity tied to it and easy to use. Also they recently added voice calling:)

@mms don't get me wrong, there are some hiccups, but in general a great experience.

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