what's a good alternative to audacity?

(i think i have already asked that, but without a good response :blob_raccoon_ouin: )

i was trying tenacity, but it seems like he went through a journey similar to glimpse (as someone predicted sadly).

i know of dark audacity and i could try it with wine, but is it possible that audacity is the only freeopensourcecrossplatform audio editing software?

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@mms oh there's loads of options. It just depends what you want to do!

Did you checkout Ardour?

@kawaiipunk i don't think so, even if the name doesn't sound new.

mostly, i use audacity for three things:

- databending
- pink/brown/white noise
- basic editing of noises and/or voice recording (as in altering them, not just cut and trim)

@mms Ardour is like a libre version of say Pro Tools

@kawaiipunk oh, defo more complex than audacity then. but i'll check it out anyway. thanks. :smiling_imp_heart:

@mms sox is a really good command line tool, especially for batch processing

@mxmxyz command line tool sounds already a bit complicated for me, but i will give it a go :batstamp:

thank you :BigBlobhajHug:

@mms I haven't found an alternative. (Though I am somewhat ashamed to admit I use the old Sound Forge software in a virtual machine more often than Audacity).

@mms @Moss opensource audio is a horrific mess, even worse than opensource image editing :(

@mms @Moss even the most diehard Linux users I know in the audio space end up using Reaper or Bitwig for their music.

Audacity is *okay* for plain ol’ audio editing but it’s definitely no recording studio.

Depending on what you’re trying to do, you might try LMMS. It’s basically a very limited FL Studio clone but it’s okay for making simple music with.

@fluffy i'm definitely happy with plain and simple. that's why audacity worked for me. :honhonhon:


@mms In that case, why are you looking to switch to anything else? @Moss

@fluffy because i don't want to end up being one of the five people left using a discontinued project. there's no fun. no one posts anything about it. you can't discuss stuff with people. :blobnervous2:


@mms Hm, my understanding was that Audacity was recently taken over by a new team? So I don't think that it's discontinued, but it's possible that the discussion has moved elsewhere. @Moss

@fluffy oh, no, sorry, the discontinued one would be Tenacity,


@mms Ah I see. Yeah I have heard some Discourse about how people are concerned about the new Audacity team and maybe looking to fork the program because of that but I think the concerns about the new team turned out to be based on a miscommunication? Unfortunately it's one which led to a lot of suspicion and hurt feelings and those can be very hard to undo.


@fluffy too much dodgy things going on anyway so no thanks, i can go somewhere else :honhonhon:

plus, i've just found out what happened to Tenacity and it's pretty dark


@mms don't listen to @fluffy it's not true. #LinuxAudio is doing great, Ardour is amazing, and so many new projects coming up all the time while core (jack audio server & now pipewire) is amazingly stable. not to mention more and more Linux VSTs on the scene. it's just not product-focused but more process focused.

@luka It sounds like you've had a better experience with it than me. Maybe I should give Ardour another try, since it's been a while. I do want things to succeed. I just always find the rough edges to be incredibly frustrating, and not worth it compared to the stuff I'm used to on more closed platforms. @mms

@luka The main things I always ran into when trying Linux for audio (regardless of application):

* multichannel audio support, especially for simultaneous recording
* MIDI controller support and the latency/timing stability of the event recording
* latency in general
* usability, like, generally managing to create a track and arm it for recording and set up a signal chain
* application stability in general

I keep ending up going back to macOS + Logic Pro because of all those issues.


@luka Also whenever I did report bugs I'd get yelled at and being told I must be "doing it wrong" or that I "have the source" and could theoretically fix it myself.

But I do have to admit it's been a couple of years since I last tried Ardour and I suppose it's possible things have changed a lot since then. F/OSS has made many strides since the days when I felt completely alienated by it. So it's unfair of me to not give it at least one more shot.



long time ago Ardour was crashing and in bad state. But that has changed a lot since those early days.

multichannel recording works amazingly well in Ardour

i used Livid OHM controller for Mixxx with some help of PureData. that works amazingly.

latency is dependent on jack/alsa and kernel settings. there's a gui UbuntuStudioControls that helps with that. 3-5ms should work on most hardware

there's a lot of weird apps out there and many are unfinished and unstable.


@luka The last time I tried Ardour was only two years ago but to be fair that was the Mac version and Mac versions of things never get a lot of love in FOSS. @mms

@luka you're not the first one suggesting Ardour and it seems it's one of the most used one. i will definitely check it out. :be_cool:

however, i don't think it's fair to just shut @fluffy down like that.
in fact, their opinion seems to be the child of lived experience. and a very relatable one, especially when talking about the "yelling community". :its_cool:

@mms my intention was not to shut @fluffy down. I apologize, I should have added a wink smiley and be more clear that I mean it lightheartedly. I hear what they are saying, and flossbros can be the worse - unfortunately too few linux communities exist that are kind and welcoming. However I still wanted to give a countering opinion wrt LinuxAudio but it came out in slightly wrong tone.

@carcinopithecus my worry is that it's on the way to become discontinued hence more people will migrate it in favour of other software hence there won't be a community to go to in case of need.

do i make any sense?

@mms I have been experimenting with using sneedacity and kwave

@thufie never heard of the first one, will check out! :blackheartsparkle:

@thufie i know, right?
i was already doubting it when i read the about page and it was all about them being proud of using a meme as their name :blobnervous2:

@mms Unfa on YouTube is doing a lot of music stuff in Linux, maybe you can find something interesting through the channel?

unnecessarily long 

@elilla some argued how the nature of something like glimpse and tenacity as in "just being a fork of" without truly being and/or offering something different and/or new, would led the project to slowly fade after the initial enthusiasm.

hence, what happened with glimpse first and tenacity more recently.

glimpse just simply found itself with only one dev working basically full-time on it while also having to work full-time on a rent-paying job. and now it's there, waiting for someone to pick it up, someone who hasn't come yet.

@luka i truly don't understand what i'm looking at after i click the link 😅

@mms which linux distro are you using? it must be among the packages... - like

$ sudo apt install mhwaveedit

on a debian-based distro or look in GUI-based app, like 'software center' on your computer....

@luka oh, yeah, it worked. 😊

i'll give it a go. thanks. :blackheartsparkle:

@mms #Ardour is an absolutely amazing and professional audio editor for linux, mac and windows. It's #midi-capabilities are (still) somewhat limited, but this could change in the upcoming version 7.0.
#Reaper is great as well, but has imho a steeper learning curve.

Btw. the two main developers of both programs, Paul Davis and Justin Frankel just met two weeksn ago and chatted about their experiences as #DAW -developers.…

P.P.S you can also try #Qtractor. I used it for a short time and would say it's a bit like #Audacity with multi-track support.

@torsten_torsten Ardour has been mentioned by many so i guess is def worth a try, but that qtractor seems a nice little thing as well.i might start from the latter. eheh!

thank you very much for sharing.

@mms you could try NON Daw, Qtractor, or Zeythm if Ardour feels too daunting. Non-free options are Traktion and Bitwig (probably the best you can get on linux, or on any platform for what it's worth)

@sonicdebris honesty, i started using dark audacity through wine because i wanted to make my life easier. :blob_raccoon_ouin:

i will check the first and third one, but ive already gave a go to qtractor and it left me confuse since the beginning so not sure it's the best choice for me eheh.

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