looking to buy a book about "urban gardening" in t u r k i s h for a kurdish woman who recently migrated to london

she leaves in the outskirts of the city and has access to a big garden
tld about her desire to grow vegetables and flowers together with her two kids

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if people can help with actual titles, it would be good enough to help me understand what to research and possibly where

@mms @artsyhonker @GwenfarsGarden hi friends! I feel you would definitely have some names to suggest re starting urban gardening?

@verity @mms @artsyhonker I'll have a think, but I cannot think of anything off hand. None of the key ones I can think of are published in other languages that I could find.

I follow Mothin Ali who grows using permaculture principles in Birmingham, and who has a YouTube channel, so visually might be useful?

@mms @verity @artsyhonker I haven't heard of Toby Hemenway before, but that's because I know more English permaculturists than Americans. I looked him up & couldn't find a book with the same name in English, but translations often change the title name. What I did find about this guy looked good, particularly his book "The Permaculture City: Regenerative Design for Urban, Suburban, and Town Resilience". So my guess is the Turkish book would be worth a try.

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@mms Don't use spaces for emphasis, screen readers don't like it.

@mms (also, use tags like #urbanGardening so the people who are interested in the topic will find your post. don't just rely on flood boosting the whole network and hoping that someone sees it when it's posted. timelines are chronological. a boost from today will be buried a few days from now.)

@csepp Thank you very much for the accessibility tip. Much needed.

Regarding the tags, they don't seem very common and/or used here? So, I wouldn't even know which one to use.
But, well, thanks for the suggestion. 😊

@mms Np! Just use the most common that is relevant in that case, probably #gardening .

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