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chapter 2

📝 i wrote a poem
🎤 i recorded it
🎥 i made a silly tiny video
then i put it all together
and now it's online
:plural_heart: for your pleasure :plural_heart:

it will be the first thing coming up once you click on the link to my website, this one right below

:honhonhon: ah, it is a sort of introductory poem
introductory to me and the stuff i do and the person i am:honhonhon:

have a lovely day


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migrating = new

:tp_pilin: little intro :tp_pilin:

:scribus: i am mostly a writer

:milkshake_chocolate: are my short stories about immigration, failure and masculinities

:plural_heart: is my personal blog for occasional socio-political thoughts (what isn't?)

:companion_cube: using to crowdfund a short experimental film

:purple_dragon: the rest of the time i'm either baking or looking for publishers or taking photos or questioning myself and my personas or

:honhonhon: peace :honhonhon:

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neo-nazi adjacent fashion 

@somarasu @dumpsterqueer But yeh it was very BAD here but luckily it went the other way when anti-racist activists became super militant and well organised.

There's a UK documenatry called Fighting Talk about this.

There's also a French documentary about a anti racist gang called the Chasseurs De Skins

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Sapete che sono un temperacazzi e che ce l'ho con Zerocalcare per l'arrampicata su Netflix ecc. ma il ragazzo "ha fatto anche cose buone" e continua a farne :awesome: , in ultimo questo fumetto a 5 euro, autoprodotto e benifit detenutə, che parla della polvere che abbiamo messo sotto il tappeto nel 2020.
Per chi è di Torino il fumetto si può trovare al Porfido

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The Holy City of Wormwood. Located at the heart of the Empire, the eternal tree gives Mind to all who drink or eat from it. The Nōmes guard it, and go to great lengths to keep animals away.


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Se la tua parete necessita di un #poster che trasudi di #anarchia e che si ribelli alla sobrietà puoi ordinarlo da qui:

Per la tua parete di casa, sala prove, centro sociale. Per il mio affitto che mi sta strozzando ogni giorno di più.

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why is it halloween friday today???

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Abbiamo defederato e per misoginia e sessismo. Defederato e non silenziato - cioè bloccato per la nostra istanza - i singoli utenti in quanto pleroma al contrario di mastodon non permette a istanze esterne la silenziazione di singoli utenti. Lo abbiamo fatto e lo abbiamo comunicato alle iscritte alla nostra istanza.
Per capire come moderiamo i contenuti su bida, potete leggere . Per fortuna, questa comunità non si fonda sui nostri interventi di moderazione ma sulla partecipazione attiva di tutte. Tutto è sempre migliorabile, facciamolo assieme!

mms boosted mod defends their decision to leave a white supremacist on the instance:

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The truth is that *no one* can live alone and some people are just luckier than others, for personal, structural and historical reasons, in getting their help from the sources sanctioned under private property and capitalism. Self-sufficiency is a myth, and a toxic one that is both hypocritical in favor of privilege and actively hostile to the lives of poor and marginalized people. Don't fall for it.

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Leelumz Moving Castle 🗣🗣🗣

I posted this for my patreon subscribers last week, I’ve been itching to show more ppl! What do y’all think?

#BlackArtist #MastoArt

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If you've ever wondered what I post on Patreon, I've made a typical post available to the public. I now post process videos along with exclusive sketches every Saturday afternoon!

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Before I throw my Gallaxy A50 in the dump, does anyone know of any compatible opensource (privacy oriented) OSs?

I've looked into:
∙ Lineage OS
∙ Graphene OS
∙ /e/ OS

and they are not compatible 😭


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