religion, islamophobia, antisemitism, antiromanyism 

I really really don't like modern white Wiccans trying to sort of...claim historical early modern witch hunts as their heritage because

1) Wicca is a very new religion, like from the 1900s new

2) the people who were persecuted for witchcraft wouldn't have identified as witches

3) the reasons behind who was persecuted varied case by case but when it was motivated by bigotry against groups of people, it was usually against Jews, Muslims, and Romani, though there was sometimes also an amount of Christian in-fighting involved since a lot of this took place during the Protestant Reformation. These weren't targeted attacks against the Secret White Pagan Witches because any late medieval/early modern historian worth their salt can tell you there were almost none of those at that point in time. Same goes for the Spanish Inquisition, it was highly motivated by antisemitism and islamophobia.

Don't fall for white supremacist historical revisionism.

religion, islamophobia, antisemitism, antiromanyism 

@mearcstapa And misogyny. Rich widows, women who could heal, women with their own enterprises, women who rejected men.... al so the church could legally steal their money and put clergy men at important positions. A lot more women than men died, and a lot for jealousy and greed.
Most of the burned people would even have called themselves good christians.

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