nsfw, body image, genitals 

I really thing porn affects people's self image in regards to their dick size. Like I've slept with so many people who will literally apologize because they think theirs is too small and that that's a bad thing.

1. The 'average' penis size is smaller than you think.

2. It really doesn't matter. Your dick size doesn't make you better or worse as a person. It's just another aspect of your body. It certainly doesn't determine how good at sex you are.

3. My job is to make you happy and have fun, not to worsen your insecurities. I want you to feel good about your body. I'm trans, I know what having physical insecurities is like and I don't want to reinforce that in my clients. Unless they're like...into that.

nsfw, body image, genitals 

Yeah, I think the typical porn is pretty harmful in that regard... 🙄

Regarding this topic, I like to remember a moment back in school, when I overheard two guys behind me talking about dick sizes. One of them, not a very smart guy, told the other one (and yes, he was serious about it): "Actually everyone is above average." 😂
I think he involuntarily summed up really well this whole masculinity problem of pretending while actually feeling insecure.

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