Pro tip for developers: please, for the love of God, make it easy to switch dark mode off if you make it the default. Please just make a big obvious button or something like that.

@mearcstapa shouldn’t that just be the os dark mode setting? is there some situation where you would for some legitimate reason not just use that?

@zens I think the fact that I have no idea where or how to find that is a pretty legitimate reason. It's not in the aopearance, display, or desktop settings in Manjaro, at least not that I can tell. I can change the colour theme for things on my desktop but it doesn't affect darkmode on individual websites.

@mearcstapa i guess manjaro still has some catching up to do with mainstream operating aystems then.

@zens *shakes fist at Manjaro* Dang...thanks for the tip anyways, though.

@mearcstapa Yes! Especially since some people might not even be able to read things properly while dark mode is on. @bright_helpings wrote about this, for example.

@Mayana @mearcstapa This is so important! I had to log in to Discord on my laptop the other day to help a friend with something and while I can have light theme once I'm logged in, the login page was dark -- I couldn't see it at all and couldn't help my friend until I could move to some optimal background lighting conditions.

It shouldn't be that way, there should be a big obvious button on the login screen dammit.

@mearcstapa I never modify the theme at all when I make GUI programs.
It's the laziest way to do it but also the most respectful IMO.
If your theme is Hot Dog Stand, my GUI will be Hot Dog Stand.

@mearcstapa In a similar vein if you have a 'easy on the eyes' mode with reduced blue light, please don't make it reduce the contrast between text and background massively, thanks

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