Anybody know what I can use to create collaborative text documents? I'm working on something with my boyfriend and we need to be able to both easily edit it. I'm not gonna use GoogleDocs but I need something that functions similarly.

I do have both LibreOffice and OnlyOffice, the latter of which I installed specifically because I heard you could collaborate easily on things, but I have no idea how to do that.

Help? :boost_ok:

@mearcstapa Evernote allows you to share notes, thouh I'm not sure how extensive its sharing features are

@mearcstapa I user etherpad a lot:

Instant, simple, clean, clear, and easy to use. Limited, and not secret, relying on an unguessable URL.

@mearcstapa Cryptpad might be what you're looking for (don't have experience using it though)

@mearcstapa #etherpad and #cryptpad are online tools to write texts with multiple people at the same time.
Cryptpad needs longer to start, has more functions and seems to be ent-to-end encrypted. I only used etherpad until now.

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