Me: Look Dune is fun to make memes and laugh about but it's a really terrible and objectionable series and dudebros really need to stop making a movie every ten years about it, I'm not giving it my views, I-
The movie: Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho
Me: Damn it!

Queer SF fans: Where oh where are the bold works of science fiction that portray new possibilities of love and relationships, representing the full spectrum of sexuality and gender?
Octavia Butler: *writes in the 80s about cross-species triad marriages involving three genders*
N. K. Jemisin: *writes gay, bisexual, trans, and lesbian characters, portrays the main character in a polyamorous relationship with two men*
Nnedi Okorafor: *portrays cross-species polyamory/extended family including a complex queerplatonic friendship*
Queen SF fans: None is to be found, clearly our only choice is to stan a racist and antisemitic series with zero queer characters by a dead white dude 😔

@ljwrites there's also samuel r delany who's been writing both sf /and/ criticism of sf through a queer prism as a black guy since the mid 70's at the very least ...

@Milouchkna @ljwrites My dad introduced me to Delaney's work and I'm glad he did, because he's great.

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