Since I perpetually feel spite towards the whole 'evil races' thing in DnD as well as too many fantasy settings writing off wetlands as bad and sinister, my newest character is a drow raised in a peaceful, loving goblin and orc community in a swamp. They all love their elf son very much.

@mearcstapa I'm writing a contemporary fantasy novel, and I've had a lot of trouble with how fae are portrayed as evil of different kinds.
I've been thinking it's based on Christianity portraying other religions as bad.

But what you say here really rings true to me as well. It's an angle I have to think about.

@mearcstapa I have a yuan-ti whose egg was stolen and she was raised by human gentry and she's very cute and very gay (and pink scales because my fave color)

@mearcstapa I've also done warlocks and their demons as not evil, but like chaootic but kind/helpful

And people used to make fun of me for "you always wanna make the evil/bad guys good"

But I do, and I'm not sorry

@rosethorn I love the idea of warlock patrons who are just chill. My orc warlock's patron just wants him to fix any broken plumbing he finds during his adventures because they both care about sanitation.

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