It’s really different from the other pride flags and I’m not sure I get all the symbolism but I like it

Hey Europeans, there's a European citizens initiative going round right now for universal/unconditional basic income.

The deadline has just been extended to the start of May.

Be cool if you signed it!

clothes, allusion to kink and genitals, very mild nsfw 

Also I think there needs to be more lingerie for AMAB people that isn't a) novelty, b) under the assumption that whoever is wearing it is gonna tuck, c) meant for kink/fetish purposes (not that it's bad if that's part of your sex life).

I think there need to be more flirty short shorts designed for AMAB bodies. I wanna show off my legs and booty.

#ForestFacts fact #5

The "General Sherman Tree" is a giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) and has a volume of 1473 cubic meters

"Methuselah", a pine (Pinus longaeva), is the oldest tree with 4995 years old

"Hyperion" another sequoia (Sequoia sempervirens) is the highes tree in the world with 115,8 meters high.

"Arbol del Tule", a cypress (Taxodium mucronatum) is the tree with the thickest stem, with 14m diameter.

"Pando", an aspen colony consisting of 47.000 genetically identical clones that are bound together, is the heaviest tree organism, weighing 6 million kg.

The "great banyan tree" (Ficus benghalensis) has 3600 aerial roots and is the tree with the 4th biggest crown in the world

(Sources: Debreczy & Racz (1998), Earle (2017), LTI (2020), USDA (2017) via #DasWaldBuch)

#tree #trees #superlatives #WorldRecord

LB: there are just so many unintended consequences of the cultural belief that dark mode is inherently better for batteries or for eyes!

There's no benefit to assuming that one option is optimal in all situations! Give people choices and trust them to know what's best for themselves.

Do something every day that is loving toward your body and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sensations of your body. ~ Golda Poretsky

I want scifi films in which there is a vibrant, detailed, complex universe with plenty of background lore, but is about, say, a teenage girl finding her lost cat, or a group of socially awkward queers starting a band, or middle aged single homos finding love, or a pair of friends (one human and one alien) going on a camping trip where nothing bad happens.

Mutual aid request, laptop needed, financial help for disabled person 

I have been unable to get my desktop repaired and so I need a laptop

I know I retooted like 7 days ago from an older post, but I am desperate

It's a quality of life thing for me as I am housebound most of the time, pandemic or not

My PayPal is

Schönes Wochenende 🗓
Schöne Wochenente 🦆
Schöne Wochenrente 👵
Schönes Knochenende 🦴
Schöne Knochenente 🦴🦆
Schöne Knochenrente 🦴👵

anti-oppression strategies: questions 

Today we would really like some people who wanna Do Something about the global oppression of Black people to think about strategy.

Movement strategy is not just a Master Plan for Important People (usually meaning cis men) to decide in a closed-door meeting & everyone else to follow. It affects anyone who desires to be involved in a movement & many who don't. It reflects decisions made at every “level”.

Some questions to get people started:
• What is your goal? What's the goal of those around you?
• What do you believe the goals of major organizations around you are? What are the goals of “the movement” in general?
• How much do your goals overlap with the individuals & groups around you? Are there differences? How important are those differences?
• How can your goals be achieved? How can the goals of those around you be achieved? What strategies are being used to reach them (if any)?
• Are the strategies in use (by yourself or others) working? Have they been effective strategies in other times or places?

Are you having trouble answering some of the questions above? Do they feel like important questions to you, or not really? Do you know people or organizations that can be trusted around these questions?

Do these questions feel like Too Much to handle?

I saw a dog today that made me understand the essence of a feudal oath of fealty, my reaction was “you are a gorgeous idiot and I will defend your life with my blade”

superhero comics be like

what if the american military industrial complex had super powers. that would be so cool.

The otherworldly spheroid will haunt me for an aeon.

Our disabled and chronically ill one income household lost our one income for Autism Acceptance month, because working partner is autistic. :DumpsterFire: Please boost their toot


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