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This album from Yuka Kitamura and Alex Roe is really good. And it's free to download.

I also recommend checking out the rest of Alex Roe's collection.


Time to test my ankle and see how much it hurts today... I need to go downstairs

This made me feel happy inside.
Encouraging you to take breaks. Treat yourself. 🙏

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I finally setup my DNS for the new blog. So, now you can read the post about VPNs at this URL as well:

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Has anyone tried doing a Chicken Scheme -> C -> WASM pipeline before?

I'm so mad. I was ready to get shit done and my body just went nah, you can't stand up for any period of time now. Enjoy.

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Minor injury 

Me: okay time to go downstairs and tidy a bit.

My foot, on the last step: I think not!

Bandcamp Friday is this upcoming Friday, right?

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A corollary of children being their own people and not extensions of you is that sometimes you're not going to like them or love spending time with them, and that's okay. Sometimes kids are just annoying as fuck and you need time off or to set some boundaries, which is perfectly normal!

That doesn't mean you're allowed to be shitty to kids, of course. It does mean parenting isn't all sunshine and roses and you should make whatever arrangements you can to rest and spend time away from them to avoid burnout, from respite care to, like, YouTube.

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Remember this image? Is it a character from something? (Person in a red and white psychedelic costume with a big neck frill, head dress, and tail)

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@panina very good point, monogamy is considered the baseline in relationships and it shows in literally millions of ways, big (marriage laws) and small (offhand comments disparaging non-monogamy as a flaw).

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Please do not base your linguistic arguments on historical facts, e.g. "this pronoun was used in 1300s" or similar.

Because this legitimises other historical arguments, like for example those against genderless language in German, French, and similar.

Languages change all the time and we don't need something to have been around for centuries or decades to be acceptable. "Covid" or "corona" weren't really words used like today in any language before March 2020, now probably they are words in almost all living languages and one of the most frequently used words.

Please be careful to avoid legitimising unscientific and fallacious arguments unintentionally. It's eventually harmful to those who are the most oppressed by such arguments.

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Hey y'all. It's my 30th birthday next week and I'm looking to raise $200 to cover gas, food and dogsitting.

Help an enby Latinx enjoy a few days of actual peace while paying a trans femme to watch my sweet pup child 🌈

#boost #donate #mutualaid
Venmo: hamsterpower91
Cash App: $hamsterpower
(will update donation count in thread)

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Racism, violence against Black bodies, anthropology 

The Association of Black Anthropologists, the Society of Black Archaeologists, and the Black in Bioanthropology Collective has put out a statement regarding various anthropologists holding onto the remains of two children who died from the MOVE bombing in Philadelphia.
Their bodies have been used as teaching tools for courses on "lost personhood."

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Our meta information is out there collected by governments, by companies and with COVID-19 (with it's long term implications) we have to accept the collection happened. How that data is used, accessed and who by must be transparent and easy to access for citizens. #panopticon
RT @TheMandarinAU
The assumption of public trust can result in the failure of digital government initiatives. Transparency about citizens’ personal info pri…

facepalm.... I just noticed my mistake.

L1 (today) is on the same line as the headlines for my habits.... :D

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