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Omg. It was so good. 😍😍😍

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Food / tooth 

I've barely eaten today because of the tooth... I just want to eat all the things. 😭


And ofc 40min later I was too awake.

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This morning: Omg I have to do all the things, I guess I can crash after.

Me now: why am I so tired 😭😭😭

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spending money / house stuff 

We're buying a vaccum cleaner, for Β£280. And that's the cheap option....

I think we're getting old.


Ah yes, the famous mashpotato beef stew...

We found a way to cheat the system. πŸ‘

I think that's enough trying to do stuff for one day

I'm so happy Loa offered to make food today if I didn't have energy, even before I realized this was an issue today.

Today I'm practicing to differentiate between the UK and England...


Dentistry / Sweden vs England 

I don't think they'd even be able to not accept new patients in Sweden.
But here in the England most of it's privatized. In Sweden it's not.

But I'm the England it's under the NHS, so there's some benefits for that..

In Sweden, especially in bigger cities, they offer online booking for emergency appointments. It's so bloody convenient because it shows all available timeslots and locations for the day. No calling, easy booking.

It's the same tooth as when I had to use emergency services last in Sweden. 😭

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Dentistry / phone calls 

Calling the two closest dentists. Neither accept new patients.
The last one at least have me the number to emergency services.

I'm starting to suspect that there's not enough dentist service providers where I live. Rip.

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corona, vaccines, cops 

in berlin they treat cops with priority now and over a thousand cops get the corona vaccine.
I hate cops!
give it to bakers!!

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Adhd, women, long 

@maloki @schratze @anarchiv Being a brilliant student into one's teens (typically college when the structuring routines broke down) and being diagnosed with depression is evidently an extremely common arc for young women with ADHD, there was a doctor who discussed it on a documentary.

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Adhd, women, long 

@schratze @ljwrites @anarchiv something along those lines.

I do think socialization plays a big part, and things like regarding how we'd treat women's RSD, probably refer to it as hysteria or being overly sensitive (they wouldn't necessarily be wrong) and just shrug it off as us being women.

I was always odd, and bullied for it. I and everyone else thought it was because I was overweight (which I barely was, but the standards are so fucked up, innit).
I'd socially get severely punished when I blurted out things, and I'd get thoroughly ignored when I had knowledge about things girls supposedly knew nothing about (like technology / computers).

My hyperfocus as a child managed to get channeled into learning new things and actually as a result I'd study fairly well, and my grades were good until my teens, when at some point I realized (unconsciously) that good grades gave me no attention at home πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

I was always a jack-of-all-trades, master of none, and I didn't mind being alone, because the silence was very calming to me.
My sleep issues weren't prevalent until my teens, and I got diagnosed with depression and recommended medication for it around 17/18 (even though I'd seen psychologists since I was 12).

I can go on...

I'm in bed surprisingly early.
I took all my meds.
I got a decent chunk of stuff done today, even though I also rested a lot.
Tomorrow I have more stuff to deal with. Because tooth. Ugh.

Anyways, see you tomorrow, and sleep tight, alt have a great day, whichever comes first. πŸ™β€οΈ

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