I'm hooked watching other people play in ways I'd never choose to play it myself. 🤩

I've published the final part of my character journal.

I figured I could round of the story here, at least for this "chapter", and if you and I want it to be picked up in the future, it can.

Luxenburg finds the sculpture that Von and Cannon brought with them when they left the colony.


Today's Episode of my Character Journal. I hope you're enjoying the journey my pawns are going on!


I've been distracted, here are the latest 2 Character journal posts. If you want them in your inbox you can subscribe to the blog via email or rss :)

Day 6, Cats, caravans and chaos:

Day 7, Staying connected:

My first 5 entries in #NaNoWriMo 

I'm writing a character journal for two of my characters in . It's part of my this month, and I'm not counting words.
RimWorld is a game, that has labeled itself as a story generator, so I thought I'd actually use it as one!

We're leaving

Poor Ralph


They stole our Luci?!

We have to go after them:

New Patreon post up, with a teaser for the next two scheduled posts for the writing project!


Character Journal, Day 4: Settling & They stole our luci?!

Today we get to follow TWO character's journals


Blog Poll 

If I write about using as a story generator, which it is as well as a game, where would you want to read it?

* On my normal blog, blogghoran.se

* or my gaming blog? kinkymal.se

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If you need a small distraction today, my day 2 of the Character Journal from is up!


This is my project this year.

Rimworld experiment results. 

Okay, so it's not so bad. Because abandoned colonist debuf only stacks to 5, so if you're doing 5 you may as well do 10, or 40.

Some will be happy that their rival is gone, some will be sad that their friends are gone (specific friends), or partners.. Yes I abandoned one of the partners.

However, I'm going to stick with your choice for me, and appreciate the vote for keeping the old colony around.

You're writing this story with me, and the story generator of is doing it's job for once :D

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I'm doing a character diary for my take on this year. \o/

I'll be doing writing updates on @iko

But the actual diary entries will end up on my gaming blog:


Story Poll. 

I'm writing a character diary for one of my pawns in RimWorld. So, now I'm going to ask you would you like me to try abandoning the previous colony (and just see what the effects are, and if they are viable, we'll keep moving the story forward), or should I just keep this like a satellite colony, but let the other one pretty much run itself?

You get a day to vote.

So if you're into this may be relevant to you.
But also if you're curious about where this will take us, feel free to join as well.


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