Trying to go to bed. Doing some journaling, catching up in my . Some stuff was neglected because of stress.

Talking with Loa.

Trying to see at what intervals my body demands rest days. (13, 16, 20)
It's not too bad. I've been a lot worse off in the past.

Decided to add a pack list to minimize what's left, make it more comprehensible, instead of trying to specify every day what to pack.

Does anyone on here use an app for ? Not as a companion but instead of notebook.

Loa is interested if he can find a good app, but don't want to do a notebook and phone.

Which app would you recommend?

I love how Ryder (the founder) is still like "it's not going to be perfect, it's just a tool to help you along the way" (slight paraphrasing), after years of bullet journaling.

"5 Simple Tips to Start Bullet Journaling for 2021"

On that line of thinking:

Share your Symbol Keys for your Bullet Journal this year, please. I need inspiration :P

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