I'm weighing these 3 atm. Also going to have a look at my kindle..

Natives, by Akala which I've read the intro to.
Black Skin, White Masks, by Frantz Fanon
And a Swedish book called Svinalängorna, by Susanna Alakoski that my mom gave to me 13 years ago.

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Who's your favorite fantasy author that's either a not-a-man and/or not white?

Since I dug it up anyways.
How to read more, use what is applicable to you

Bookish Realm
The Artisan Geek
R. C. Waldun

These 4 YouTubers are people I enjoy in general anyways, so you can view it as a channel recommendation too. 👍

But also: I have so many books to read, and listen to. I keep getting free books through a book club, and new amazing titled are added to LibriVox all the time.

I have books I bought at the book sale when I was 19.. I should really get back on that. That's 15 years ago. 😅

I have another book series, that I've gotten back into after a long hiatus, and remembered / understood why I like it, why it's easy to read for me. It appeals to both my adhd and my baby closeted poly brain (when I stared reading the first one 20 years ago).

I think this will turn into a blog post. But yeah, this was some of my thoughts for the year ahead and years past.

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October is here, and it's time to meet some of your Ghosts of reading past.
Got books that you are "currently reading" but just haven't gotten around to finishing yet, but want to finish? Make use of this time to finish them.

My goal is going to be to finish 4 books I haven't finished yet, I'm about 30-50% through all of them.

What books do you have you'd like to finish?

Finished reading Axiom's End, by Lindsay Ellis.

7/5 would read again.

This contemporary science fiction is blurring the lines of reality and fiction, in such a magnificent way.

I started reading Maya Angelou's I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings today.

Her writing is very good, it can be short but sweet sometimes, and that takes skills.

"'Africa is people' has another dimension. Africa believes in people, in cooperation with people. If the philosophical dictum of Descartes 'I think, therefore I am" represents a European individualistic ideal, the Bantu declaration 'Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu' represents an African communal aspiration: 'A human is human because of other humans'"

Read Chinua Achebe if you get a chance.

What's a book that opened your eyes to a world and reality you had been oblivious to before?

I'm reading. It at least trying too. Squeezing in these booklets between the bigger books. Except this is the last one I own of this type.

Chinua Achebe - Africa's Tarnished Name

I have read 17 of 15 books for the 2020 Reading Challenge!

And I'm in the process of reading many more! It's really picked up the past few months.


Now that I've finished listening to it:

If you think you can handle it, or that it's of any type of interest to you to understand the mind of the Trump family, I'm going to recommend this audiobook:

Too Much and Never Enough : Full Audiobook by Mary L. Trump PhD

It puts a lot of things into perspective.


Read a chapter of Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race. About half way through.

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Been listening to this today. It's definitely interesting.

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Whether you've heard about the fantasy novel Raybearer that's about to come out or not, I'm just going to recommend you watch this interview with the Author of the book, Jordan Ifueko.

Not only does the interview make me want to read the book, it also touches on some other books, and interesting subjects.

and ofc, the interview is by my favorite booktuber, Noria.


Time to pee, make tea, take a painkiller, and read the first chapter of Axiom's End!

Yes, I 3 books at the same time, it's just an thing. 😅

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I started reading James Baldwin's Dark Days.

Again, would highly recommend. I'm pretty sure you can read it for free online, but I bought a little booklet.

Foggy brain 

I can read some things easy, but others are a lot harder.

So taking a break already.

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Going to read a bit out of Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria, which I have on my Kindle.

I'm enjoying how it contextualizes racism, but also looking at intersectionality.

Currently on a chapter that explains at what age you begin to see the change, from diverse friend groups to more segregation.

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World War Z, and let me tell you that it's a trip I'm these pandemic times. 😅


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