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I'm having slight triggers from packing and moving, again, and feeling alone in it, even though I live with 3 fantastic friends who are offering to help where they can.

But I've just had to pack up everything I own and move so many times, that it always triggers really high stress for me.

Before I met Loa it was 6moves in 2.5 years, a few months later I met him. I told him about how traumatized I was from moving that I wasn't sure I'd be able to move first. He moved to be with me in Sweden a year later. And after that we moved within the same building and had a great etage apartment. And that's when you all met me, after I had lived there for a while.

Moving to the UK, Loa went over 5months before me, to look for a job. And him having a job helped pay for the international move. I still had to pack everything, in my own, which was quite a challenge with , and a new lease on life (diagnosis, other than adhd, and meds).

And here we moved, to live with these friends instead of his parents house, and then one and a half months later the first lockdown hit the UK, and me and Loa couldn't see each other.

Now I may not need to move for 10 years, if we're lucky. And that is Strange.

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Since we've been talking a lot about , I want to encourage you to watch this Unofficial ADHD Quiz from Totally ADD.

It's funny, and will hopefully make you laugh at yourself. :)

People with , how do you sleep at night?

How do you get the right kind of tired at the right time to go to sleep?

Time to pee, make tea, take a painkiller, and read the first chapter of Axiom's End!

Yes, I 3 books at the same time, it's just an thing. 😅

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How to ADHD is starting a series for definitions of terms commonly used around ADHD. Starting with ... :D

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