I can't put into words how good this is

food explicit 

Loa didn't tell me how much milk he wanted. I have not internalized how much a pint is yet sooooooooo I may have made a small mistake. 😅 😂

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I can show you this though. Years of crying folded over the back, the notepad refuse to take any other form.

This is just it's life now.

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Best timing!

You can pick up the game in this new bundle from Humble!! And it's at the first tier, so only €1!

(partner link)

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This is filled with salmon and tasty cheese sauce

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I needed to play something low stakes and super cute. So I went with Yono and the Celestial Elephants

Food / snacks | SWE vs UK 

In Sweden I rarely bought chips, a bag of chips was too big at best of times.

In the UK the small bags of crisps are perfect and I don't have to eat a lot of it over a few days to finish the bag, but I can have the occasional treat.

Which has resulted in this pile. Disclaimer, Loa brings one bag to work every night thus we occasionally buy a giant bag.

You may know I spent most of yesterday crying.

And I'm kind of crying again now as I've finished writing this, but I need to share it, because I think it's important for closure, but also for other people to understand grief as love. and that you can grieve people who aren't dead, and relationships lost.

Grief: A love letter

Also, as promised, backside of my phone.

My phone is blue, case is see-through but with cherry blossom.

Since I switched my screen protector, I may as well switch the case. I've cleaned it several times but the plastic has been discolored. It's been on for 1.5 years, so that makes sense.

Cbd / experiment / edible food 

Loa didn't like the taste of it, but they make me nice and mellow. 😴

Tiny pieces from already small piece of cake

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April started with me not having enough energy to fill out my April spread. 😭
I'm baby stepping my way there.

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