The whiniest of puppers finally decided to settle down on top of me, instead of whining incredibly loud in the hallway and running up and down the stairs...

Is Gutenberg okay?

They added Verse as a block element. and I had to go into edit it and ad <br> on every line break myself, otherwise it would just mush it together in one long line.


What does verse mean to you when it's a quill and says verse?

Lot of work, but I created this little writing log in my journal.

It was one of the big reasons I wanted to get one of these to be honest.

Here, have another adorable Gary pick. He was keeping my feet warm earlier by perfectly placing his bum between my feet.

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Gary, asked me why I was awake when I came downstairs.

Then he promptly hid under two blankets (with some help from me)

My other foot is under the pillow, the dog has over the pillow.

I know I can get up if I want to, but it's pretty clear I don't want to.

Also look at him!

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I made salt and pepper mushrooms. Kind of without a recipe.

I think it was a good first try, and I served it with jasmine (or basmati, I don't remember) rice.

But too much onions, Loa always tells me to use less, but I can always put less on the plate when eating.

I wanted to make a version without chili, that's still good. And I think I succeeded.

I was toying with a ball point pen, realizing that the name on it is of an old bank...

The bank merged and or changed their name in 1990.

So yeah, this is one hecking old pen.

Xmas food, mixed cultures 

Swedish, UK and US food on this julbord. made food
@diffrentcolours made food
I made food.


I also had a little bit of leftover lingonberry jam so everyone got a little bit of it. Nom om.

Xmas gift 🍵 

We got tea from one of Loa's sisters.

Xmas food 

I made a meatball sandwich, and home made rödbetssallad (beetroot salad the Swedish way).

The color isn't exactly right, but I can fix that.

Loa will either come tonight after work or tomorrow.

Alcohol, celebration 🎉 

When you don't have champagne flutes you need to improvise.

Anyways we're celebrating, we survived 2020, Cosmo got their degree, and Loa and I got our house. 🎉

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