Time to make dinner.

I think curative soup is on the menu today


Food, bonus soup recipe! 


This is my let's get better from our cold or flu soup.

Always garlic, often horseradish, sometimes ginger.
Often Mince meat, today added sausage. Always Mushrooms and onion.
Let the potatoes and carrots cook while you cut and fry the other stuff.

I use a little bit of green curry paste as a base flavor, along with a stock cube, some grillkrydda (kind of bbq spice), some extra powdered stock (today vegeta seasoning).
Back in the day I often had different types of chili sauce as well.

When onion and garlic and mince or other meat and mushrooms are fried to taste, add the spices, chili or w/e, and some soy sauce, then some extra water after a little bit to deglace.

Put it all together, let it cook together for a few minutes. This is a soup I created to be quick and easy, usually I'd be done with it in 20min and I didn't really have it cook together for very long but always had leftovers.

How much you say?
One potato and one carrot per person is plenty, and the rest fills it out and can be added to taste. I'd always have leftovers.

Speaking of leftovers, today I did add in some leftover cherry tomatoes and sausage, neither of which is part of the base.
Additional: tomato paste and bay leaves are also optional.

Food, bonus soup recipe! 

Oh yeah I forgot, the key to making soup quickly is to cut ingredients small.

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