If your CMS or other platform handles media, it needds to be able to handle both image descriptions and closed captions. Please for the love of god.

@maloki I was kind of horrified that the only option with Google Docs is evidently to put the image description under the images??

@ljwrites 🤣

I was mostly struggling with video that doesn't have captions.. 😭

@maloki autogenerated captions can be a mixed bag but better than nothing, I guess...

@ljwrites yeah. In this case the videos aren't uploaded on like youtube first, so you aren't even getting the auto-captions.

And this particular site has a HUGE community, I'm sure they could all just make good captions collectively if a feature like that was added.

@maloki Yeah autocaptions can, if nothing else, be a good basis for editing into accurate captions, especially if something like crowdsourced captions are supported.

On the flip side I've had viewers talk about not understanding the Korean or Chinese words in my vids despite my painstakingly added manual captions...😅 and these were just the ones who left comments, pretty sure many more left without ever enabling subtitles. Maybe so many videos being uncaptioned drastically reduced expectations in this area lol.

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