can anyone give me a run down of the difference, pros and cons for SSRI vs SNRI?

I'm sure someone on here will know this.


SNRI & chronic pain 

it seems that at least two SNRI of them, Venlafaxine and Duloxetine, help with chronic pain, fibro and nerve pain specifically.

venlafaxine has also been known to possibly help with ADHD (but the claims and research is a bit messy on it).

However, I was probably the most functional ever (to a degree) when I was on venlafaxine, so the sideeffects be damned, I might get back on it.

SNRI & chronic pain 

@maloki side effects are so rough. I tried duloxetine but the side effects were too much for me

Maybe if my pain gets worse it will be worth trying again though

SNRI & chronic pain 

@RadiantEmber yeah, I got off venlafaxine soon after I got my dream job (at the time), because the withdrawal if I missed a dose because of the half-life of the meds was so short were pretty baad...

but also like, I was at the height of my life 🤔

SNRI & chronic pain 

@RadiantEmber Like, I got off them because everything was so good and going so well.

When I had undiagnosed ADHD and fibro probably... 🤣

SNRI & chronic pain 

@RadiantEmber I'm probably grasping at straws to be able to live a better life... as one does.

SNRI & chronic pain 

@maloki I hope it helps though, if you decide to get back on it

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