I need a reasonable file manager on my phone, because the stock one is like frustrating me to no end (I can't make folders where I want for one)..

Any recommendations on android?

ghost commander is a norton/midnight commander style

@maloki i use solid explorer for my needs. i cant remember if its paid/free/freemium offhand.

the big thing for me is that it works with windows file shares/samba/nfs and some others as well as having an otg plugin

@maloki my apologies

otg is on the go ; basically the 'can use usb devices with a phone' shorthand (i hope i didnt 'splain hard here, more detail available if desired)

i can shove a usb-c disk into the phone and itll pop up in solid explorer as another storage device i can use freely for file transfers as long as their otg plugin is installed

@kemonine why they can it otg and not plug and play. 😅

@maloki [insert joke about computes being neither plug nor play here]


@maloki er ; it should be 'as long as /the/ otg plugin is installed'

their implies >1 otg plugin which should be false ; as long as the phone can see its a usb disk the std solid explorer otg plugin /should/ work (filesystem stupid not withstanding)

@maloki I really like all the "Simple" (Simple Calendar, Simple File Manager, etc) apps available on freedroid. Not the most feature packed stuff, but they all do the job.

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