chores, house, money (GoFundMe related) 

I think I'm going to take a walk, and then create some kind of master check list of stuff I want to do around the house, and some stuff I need to get done that got put on hold because spending all my energy on the PIP application last month.

I've transfered the money from my UK accoun to my Swedish account for the Student Debt payment, and because I haven't gotten around to sorting out some stuf (unless i manage to do it tomorrow), I will have to send the 10k away immediately for the backpay.

Which leads me on to tomorrow morning I'm getting up and calling HMRC / Tax account stuff, to get my account sorted, since they can't verify it online. 🙄

then there's a ton of small things I wanna write down.

chores, house, money 

I also need to create some kind of "recurring" list, because I forget about stuff I should do at least once a month... 😭


money / GoFundMe 

Updated the GoFundMe with this month's Liberapay support that just came into my bank account (I have the stripe funds transfered once a month for convenience).

I only take my patreon income out once every 4 months atm (I wait for it to be about $100).

Thank you everyone who's been helpign me thus far.

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