Okay so I just went to create a multiple-choice poll and hot damn if that's not a totally undiscoverable interface, I was flummoxed for much longer than I should have been.

(For those who haven't encountered this, you have just guess that clicking on the radio buttons next to the poll will change them to checkboxes :blobfacepalm:)

I'm grimly unsurprised that Eugene pooh-poohed this exact complaint already (because multiple-choice polls are "not a priority" and it would make the interface "too complex", and it's fine as "an easter egg"): https://github.com/mastodon/mastodon/issues/10873

I have a bone to pick with a definition of "complex" that results in hiding basic features behind UX mechanisms that are impenetrable to the average user, creating a two-tiered experience where nerds like me who are steeped in How Computers Work get to have extra "easter egg" features like...allowing people to choose more than one poll option 🙄

And in this instance it's especially silly, because the first two other interfaces I checked (Pinafore and Tusky) have entirely reasonable interfaces for this, both have dedicated and labelled "multiple choice" options, and neither have the radio buttons (because they're totally unnecessary for creating a poll!)


@cincodenada yeah I was super confused when I was trying to make a poll on the normal user interface. 😅

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