Can we please not boost AI / computer generated images if they aren't behind a CW?

These images are everywhere right now because it's a meme, and they make me feel both nauseated and headache. 😭

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@maloki Do you maybe have an example? I don't know what kind of images you mean (apparently I have a very small, curated TL and miss a lot of stuff on bigger fedi). Only if it isn't too much for you to look at it. Maybe someone else could explain a bit more? So it's clear to everyone which pictures are problematic and should be CWed :)

@jules Here's an example of a thread, with the current meme-factor, where all the AI generated images are CWd

@maloki Thanks!

Yeah I get why they can be heavy on the brain, ugh... very unpleasant to look at.

I don't think I came across this stuff or would boost them if I did, but a CW or at least a mention of what they are in the post is not a bad idea.

@maloki I think most people just don't get how hurtful certain visual input can be. Be it in website design, strobe lights, certain pictures... There is just stuff that's instantly overload inducing or triggers migraines and seizures and that's not just strobe lights. And even there people don't think about it 99% of the time...

I'm just thinking about how to go about this. Because just "AI generated" does not say a lot. I once made instant overload inducing pictures for demonstration purposes (and gave myself a really bad time while doing so).

So not sure how to communicate solutions if it's such a wide variety of potential triggers.

Still good to know how it is for you for the people you interact with.

@jules Yeah that's always going to be an issue. and it's hard to express the actual issues WHILE being triggered by it. Obviously

@jules @maloki less visual and more other things, but that means I can understand visual would do it too -- I once described my life to my husband as "constantly navigating sensory inputs"

@platypus yes, that's an accurate description of my life too @maloki

@platypus @jules yeah. I just didn't know how much I did it until I started to realize that I adhd wasn't really covering that part of it. But it's actually autism. πŸ˜…

Sensory / autism 

@platypus @jules

I'm already light sensitive, so this time of year is extra sucky, I'm basically wearing my adaptive lenses all day so they can adjust to the light. πŸ˜…

Clothes are for the most part fine, mostly because I've done away with anything that's itchy. πŸ˜…

Food, I can go from loving something to it being the wrong texture over night and me brain goes bleh.

@jules and yeah, as you see in the middle of the thread celeste added that they were AI genereated.

@maloki Luckily I've found them mostly from a few accounts, which are easy to mute. I didn't even know they were a meme now. :) I just don't see them. Better to mute/block than try to change people's behavior in the abstract. You can also always ask the particular people boosting them, or turn off boosts from those people if it's bad enough.

@bright_helpings How is this different from asking for any other CW for accessibility reasons?

@maloki It's not different; any need for a CW that's about a medium rather than a message, I think it's good advice to look for the bots posting this stuff and mute/block them. If your friends are boosting it, talk to them or hide boosts. If it's your friends posting it directly, talk to them rather than the entire tl which is mostly people who aren't doing the thing and often don't know what it is.

@bright_helpings it wasn't bots this time, which is why I brought it up again.

About CWs and AI generated stuff / mostly explaining my energy 

@bright_helpings Anyways, sorry for getting so defensive, it's just tiresome to get told "just block it" when it became a meme and so many more people were posting it (which is why it came up again).

So I was asking my mutuals to consider it and yes, as a public post, because maybe someone else would consider it too.

I was not in a place, while nauseous from several posts just showing up on my home TL, to ask people individually, because I only do that when I got the right kind of energy to be civil about it. :P

I mostly agree with your points, I just don't need to hear them when someone just triggered a headache for me. :p

@bright_helpings example of the meme, it's these 9 generated images. And so many people have been posting them.

At least celesteh CWd theirs, so I can link them.

@maloki Hey, could you explain or link me to an example of that? I must be out of the loop...

@maloki I see a content warning that I do not want to uncover, so I guess that'll be a mystery for me. Thanks :D

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