Here I am! (Yeah, like y'all have been waiting for me... 🙈 )

Giving Mastodon a try, curious as to what type of tankespjärn I might find here, as well as what value I can provide.

Part of my curiosity centers around:

What's the thing that makes you give Mastodon a 👍 ?

But I am also eager to hear your best tips for a total rookie like me - so please, tell me:

What to do, who to 'follow' (is that even what I'd be doing here?), do's and don'ts?

@helenaroth the community a lot of us have been able to build over the 5 past years is definitely why I've stayed around.

I've learnt so much on here. 😅
And if you want you can follow me, because I try to boost a lot of cool people.

Especially if you want to be actively anti-racist, or begin learning how to.

Oh and CWs are just 😘👌

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