Did you know, that tomorrow it's friday? And after that is Saturday and that means I get to meet cute pupper???!??!

I know I know, she's not ours, and might not become ours. but she's adorable and I'm excite d to meet her anyways.

Also in case you don't know my ex taught me that all dogs are puppers πŸ₯°

Dog adoption / preparation, smells 

I made this knot of an old pair of sweats.

We're sleeping with it, so it gets our smell and if we match with the dog well give it to her while she has to stay at the center for a week or however long it takes for us to bring her home.

That way she knows our smell and remembers us while she waits. I know they recommend similar things when your bring home a baby or another dog/pet but I figured it could help her get familiar with us as well.

I also bought this notebook years ago, because it was cheap. Will definitely use it for whichever dog we end to with.

Time for one sleep, and tomorrow we go see River. πŸ₯°πŸ˜Š

I did a sleep but I'm awake way too early so I got time to get nervois and stuff.

We're leaving in less than 10min.

I'm nervous and excited

Dog adoption ++ πŸ₯°πŸΆ 

It went so well, she walked great with me on the lead. πŸ₯°

They are coming by on Wednesday for a house inspection and bringing the dog over 🐢πŸ₯°

It isn't adoption day, but we'll get to show her in the environment she'll be. And take a short walk to the park.

I am so happy right now!!

Dog adoption ++ πŸ₯°πŸΆ 

She's definitely a medium dog, light and fairly thin.

She's not reactive towards other dogs rather just happy about them and people. She was barking at one while she was loose (in the fenced in dog area), but it wasn't aggressive, and she wasn't raising the fur on her neck (dunno what it's called in English but we call it "reser ragg"), which is aggressive together with baring teeth.

On the lead she figured out pretty quick that she's not going to get any where by pulling on me. And even when she was pulling she didn't pull hard, and she's pretty light.

She's just very happy go lucky, they seemed to like how she walked with me and all the stories of past dogs I had to share. πŸ˜…
At the end I explained how we introduce dogs to new people, like always outside, don't make eye contact with the dog until they are allowed to greet etc, and the person we were talking with was like "I love you already", best way to end that meeting.

I'm excited about Wednesday. πŸ˜…

Oh, btw, I didn't mention this but we drove to the wrong place first, because there was another animal shelter further in on this road, and I was too stressed out to read the signs and kept going. πŸ˜…

It was very awkward and silly. πŸ˜…

Post dog meeting pain 😭 

I'm in a lot of pain now, because I need to get used to how to hold the leash etc.

Mostly just my hands and arms. So I'm going to rest for a while

Also, this is mega cute, I went upstairs and Loa was in bed and he was like "did we go meet a dog today?" he was so tired he didn't know if we'd already gone or not. Also super cute.

More about the lovely dog 

She doesn't seem to be a picky eater, nor have a sensitive stomach. She's not food obsessed either, but she loves a treat and responds well to treats as positive reinforcement, and she did nip the treats they had put down when they weren't paying attention.

She's got no medical needs right now, but we also don't really know much of her history.

They been trying to train her while she's been there so she was definitely a lot better than the ad said.

She seems to be house trained enough, they have a bungalow the dogs get to hang out in alone for a few hours (that's where the adorable picture further up was taken) and she's never had an accident in there. Only think they mentioned was that she needs to know where she can go pee etc. Which is obvious to me, and was part of my early training plan anyways.

I'm excited to show how we live to them and make any adjustments needed.

And I will be sending them some extra questions though, I'm just very tired today. 😴

It says that she's been reserved on the website now πŸ₯°

Me and Loa had good chat about doggo. Some plans about when to go shopping etc.

Dog adoption, about the Wednesday visit/cleaning help 

So my friend, who used to be on godforsaken.website (so__confused), will be coming by to help me clean on Wednesday, because we're planning to have her come help once or twice a month, and it just worked out that Wednesday was the best time for her this week.

And I checked with the person who's coming by from RSPCA on Wednesday if it was okay if she was still here. And it was! So now she gets to meet River too πŸ₯°

I figued it would be good to introduce them to each other while both were going to be here anyways, and yeah.
The cleaning help isn't for the visit, just general help until I manage to pull myself together and do the care needs assessment application.

Dog adoption, shopping, Swedish related 

So, I was looking to get a very specific type of stainless steel bowl for the dog, it's what we used for ours, but it had also been our old mixing bowls.

I didn't know what to search for, but managed to find it on ebay, and after I found it on ebay I found that it's literally called Swedish bowl. I guess this specific rostfri stΓ₯l (stainless steel) is of Swedish design from our steel industry. πŸ˜…

Now I just need to figure out if it's worth spending Β£30 on 3 bowls πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

Tomorrow I'm going to try to not be ridiculously excited to the extent that I get paralyzed.

I'm actually just going to try and read to distract my brain while also doing chores that need to be done before Wednesday.

Tomorrow is also supposed to be a rest day. πŸ™ƒπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Still very much excited, so I figured I could drip feed you all with more cute River (dog) pictures from the ad.

This was the front page picture, of the cutest little doggo.
She loves this pool at the centre, and we may need to get her one at home too :D

Such a good girl.

Like I know I wasn't going to post lots of pictures of her before everything was done, but it feels like it's happening, and I think the house inspection tomorrow will go great.

Dog adoption: home inspection day! 

It's home inspection day! And I need to be awake for 6hrs before they get here. 😭

I just realized that when we scheduled the home inspection day, I think she asked if we wanted to schedule the adoption day immediately as well. Like not immediately on inspection day but just right then, plan it.

So.. I guess that means that the home inspection is more about "you need to get x fixed before she goes home". And that she will come home to us in the next few days πŸ˜­β€οΈπŸ™

I wonder why my brain just pushed that out of memory for a few days. πŸ˜…

Anyways!! Today is home visit day because it sounds so much better than home inspection. And because River is also coming to inspect the house this is vital to it being a visit. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒ
I'm so fucking happy 😊

Dog adoption: home visit day! Sooner than I thought 

It's 14, not 15. That means they are here in 50min, not two hours!!!

Dog adoption: home visit day! Sooner than I thought 

Just emailed her about how I want to meet them when they get here.

I need to go pee. πŸ˜…

Dog adoption +++, Adoption Day Scheduled ! 

They added my number as River's Mum to the phone. And we're picking her up on Sunday.

I'm very tired, so I might not be able to post more about this today. ❀️

I'm so happy.

Dog adoption, preparations 

Loa let me order the expensive Swedish stainless steel bowls I wanted.

They were on backorder, but should still arrive by Tuesday. So she gets to eat out of a plastic tub for a few days, which is fine.

Dog adoption / naming 

So, we're not renaming her, in the every day sense. She will still be River, but the IDEA of renaming her, brought me two extra names, and since Loa insisted that it's going to be my dog, that means I get to decide what name we update her microchip with.

So I've decided on one, but I'll share it on/after adoption day.

Dog adoption / fees and stuff 

Me: what's the adoption fee?

them: Β£250

me: cool.

me, later: Does she come with any of her leads and stuff?

Them: You can buy them off of us, that's fine.

Them, later: here's the prices for the adotion fee and the leads and stuff.
Β£200 + Β£50

Me: Is this right? The number changed?

Them: oh yeah forgot to tell you that we lowered the adoption fee since your buying the leads.

Me: :facepalm:

(I will still make us pay Β£300 for it, because they fucking deserve it).


Dog adoption / cute River photos from Wednesday 

I really like these two pictures. Both feel like she's just trying to figure out what's going on.

Β· Β· 3 Β· 3 Β· 14

Dog adoption / preparation 

Tomorrow we are going to the pet store and getting some essentials.

We're doing it immediately in the morning after Loa comes home from work. Well, not immediately, but he won't go to bed and they open at 9.
At least that's the plan, so I'm getting up somewhere around 7.30-8.30.

I think we got everything from the important first things to buy list on our own list, obv accounting for stuff we've already ordered that will arrive later next week.

I'm excited and nervous, I finally have a reason to do to the pet store again 😍

I kind of want to bring her home tomorrow evening, but I think Loa will keep sleeping once we're done with shopping so Sunday is still better.

Dog adoption / cute River photos from Wednesday 

@maloki what a good girl!!!

Dog adoption / cute River photos from Wednesday 

@Eramdam yes! I'm so happy about bringing her home on Sunday. πŸ₯°
Tomorrow morning were going shopping for dog stuff.

Dog adoption / preparation 

@maloki so exciting!

Dog adoption / preparation 

@begonia yes! And I'm happy you see these updates now πŸ₯°

Dog adoption / cute River photos from Wednesday 

@maloki She looks a bit insecure, but that's not too surprising since a new home is a lot to get used to. She'll need lots of love and a good balance of play/exploration and rest the next couple of weeks!

Dog adoption / cute River photos from Wednesday 

@anarchiv this was just from the visiting on Wednesday. There see other photos too. I'm just drip feeding them to you all!

Dog adoption / cute River photos from Wednesday 

@maloki \o/

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