A point of etiquette:

As a courtesy to everyone on Scholar, we'd like to ask you to help keep from filling up the Local Timeline with very long threads

This means that if you are writing a thread, please do one of the following:

1. Make the first post Public and the following posts Unlisted (others will see the rest of the thread when they click the first post, but the following posts won't be on the Local Timeline), or

2. Add "Long thread" as a Content Warning (CW) for the thread



Extra info about Public vs unlisted, boosts etc. 

@socrates I feel like we need to amend some of the info:

Others on our server will see the rest of the thread, and others who follow you, but it won't be visible on other public timelines.

And if parts of it is boosted, say the first public post, doesn't mean the rest of the thread will be visible on other servers that are the boost.


And now I'd like to add a question from someone who's not on your server, would you still apply this for public threads with public information if it's behind a CW?

Extra info about Public vs unlisted, boosts etc. 

@maloki @socrates Question: If I see a boosted thread from another server, while the other posts are "unlisted", I can still see the other posts if I go directly to the poster's feed, no? (or at the very least their webpage?)

Extra info about Public vs unlisted, boosts etc. 

@caranha if your server has seen it yes, and unlisted are visible on web as well. They just don't show up on public timelines.


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