Hey, does anyone wanna join forces and delete their twitter account on the same day next week?

I say next week so people get time to download their archive and connect with people elsewhere as well, and I imagine if a lot of people request their archive around the same time it may create a bump in the system.


Day suggestions for leaving Twitter together on the same day next week.

Multiple choice, because you can choose what is best for you. Starting from a week from today.

3 day vote. Turn on notifications for poll results if you want to see the results afterwards.

We talk about if we want to change the work we need to start with organizing our communites.

Those communities can be online too. We can do good in the next coming weeks leading up to the Twitter TOS change.

We have a chance, to organize, and help each other create communities that our friends who haven't been ready to leave Twitter yet can join and feel okay about.

Something something, iron and hot.

Please boost this one, if not the entire thread for reach.

On Leaving Twitter Tomorrow Sunday 

Okay, I never followed up on this, and then I took a few days break (i'm still taking a break).

I dunno if anyone will actually delete their Twitter account tomorrow, and I was hoping more people would join.

I've downloaded my archive and am ready to pull the trigger, but I can't pull any more organizing on here. Because I'm going back on my break after this post.

@maloki I would but my best friend is there and he won't switch to here

On Leaving Twitter Tomorrow Sunday 

@maloki I was waiting for this actually, I'll be deleting mine tomorrow then !

On Leaving Twitter Tomorrow Sunday 

@maloki I'll delete mine tomorrow as well, I never talk to anyone there! 👍

Leaving Twitter on May 22nd 

@maloki It's done on my end! What about the rest? :boost_ok:

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