Since there many new people on here, that I'm sure also make music, or like music, I'd love to get a link to your latest or favorite, or just your page on Bandcamp for today's ! But old and new people can reply!

I'll boost what I can through the day. 🙏

If you follow me for this post, I still want you to read my profile and respond according to something I've put in there 🤔

Long, music self-promotion 

I'm on Bandcamp in a few places: is my old electronica / noise project. is the math-surf band where I played bass. Only the first two records (Swindon Oasis and Badgerdebon) have my playing on them, but I helped compose some of Dwarf Shortage. is extremely minimal noise / ambient. is a series of Fediverse collaborations, I'm on two of those as Pulsing Bulb.

You can find other Pulsing Bulb tracks on .

Everything is free to download. I accept donations, but am very happy if you just listen.

#bandcamp #BandcampFriday #music #freebies

@maloki Which bit do you want me to respond to? FWIW: I'm UK, ASD, ADD, still shielding because *partner* is vulnerable -- both partner and daughter have chronic pain … so your profile rings a church-tower full of bells here…

@spaceportmarketwizard oh. No I have a part that tells you to read a pinned post to introduce yourself.
But I've already talked with you today, from Tusky, so I just accepted you.

@maloki ::to self:: Ah, social interactions, my old enemy, we meet again. #ASD

Not my band (I don't play in a band), but it's very special experimental, New Age music. I like it very much:

@Ronald sorry, I specifically want to boost people who are on here and their music.

You can recommend other music on your own under the hashtag.

@maloki Ok, I get that. Bandcamp music is not too well known, so I thought this was a nice opportunity to promote one of the few bands I know on that platform.

@Ronald on here it's quite popular, at least in my circles. 😅

@maloki A lovely idea. Thanks.

I play mostly traditional Irish music. Here's my bandcamp

And here's the project I'm currently working on.

re-post of bandcamp link 

@maloki i've already posted this on my own profile but i'll put it down here again 😊

as i'm self-employed now if you feel like throwing a few quid at my music it would be greatly appreciated


please prioritise supporting black, brown, indigenous and POC artists

and then please go ahead and take my music for free - i'm working on new material at the moment and it will give me some nice encouragement to see my older stuff being listened to

@maloki i've made a confusing and genre bending album:

buy it this #BandcampFriday and support me directly, whilst also having a great time, so that i can continue to make some more confusing and genre bending albums in the future

@maloki Hey! Thanks for asking. I’m new here. My name is Day (they/them). My music is pretty retro and very pop.

I release new songs every month at, plus bonus material at

Anyone else here making retro guitar pop music?

@maloki I'm, but there's only like two songs there right now. I'm just doing this for fun, and I'm not very good! But those two songs are £0… feel free to boost or ignore…

@spaceportmarketwizard Bandcamp Friday is over. But if you send me a proper link I can boost it. 😅

@maloki oops. Sorry. I mean, I work in IT, that's embarrassing!

We can call it "Free bad music Saturday"…

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