A message to fellow white people on here 

As a white person is okay to stay out of stuff that doesn't affect you.

We don't have to have an opinion.

Listen to the marginalized and racialized people in your community, as they experience things very different to anything you can understand if you're white.

You do not have to inject your experiences, you can just listen. Listening takes practice. Practice listening.

Cont. Whiteness and Anti-racism / A journey 

The absolutely toughest part of the beginning of your journey towards being better at doing anti-racist work is going to be shutting the fuck up about the work you're doing.

The beginning of your journey needs to be so much internal work, and you not telling BIPOC of all the horrible things you've done in the past.

The thing is, white people tend to center themselves a lot, and I know that with adhd and autism that often I relate and understand what someone else is talking about by relating a story of my experiences to them. It's a way to show that I am listening. I had to practice to not do that all the time.

When you're unlearning racism, no one needs to know that your family was on the Mayflower, and no one needs to know that you called that girl in class the N-word and that you regret it.

Figthing with your white guilt when you begin to realize all the things you've done in the past that are harmful, intended or not, is going to be one of the harder things you've ever had to do. And it doesn't even compare to the racism people experience.

What I'm trying to say is: It's not going to be easy, and it's not supposed to be easy. You can use that difficulty to help you practice even more.

Here's an old article: blogghoran.se/2020/06/08/anti-

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