I recently published something about being Disabled while the Covid-19 Pandemic is being forgotten By "normal" people.

I figure a lot of you would love to read it, I scrubbed the medium link

I published it on medium because I foolishly thought it could make some money. 😅

And I'm beginning to realize more and more that I don't want to earn money through there. So I will be migrating everything off again (most things have been cross posted to my actual blog too but not this one yet).

If you want to pay me ever for any of my writing, check out my pinned posts.

Okay I did earn $0.02 on it. LOL but that's not enough to make it worth locking down ;)

Oh yeah, if you liked that article, consider donating to my fundraiser to help with paying off my student debt while I'm fighting windmills in order to try and get it reduced/written off or at least not have to pay while I don't have enough income.

@maloki this expresses much of what I've been feeling, the rage and despair. I think the disjointed way of publishing it as several pieces put together, works really well; it really makes the point clear.

I've had an angry post like this in my head, but just no energy to write it. But now I can just refer people to your post and say, "this is me too".

Thanks for writing this Maloki. 💜

covid, ukpol, genocide, anger 

@maloki yes... this... this

it honestly feels like it's been the MO of the NHS (and the UK Government) for some years now, to kill off those that it can't help... or won't help... those deemed to be "not worth saving"...

i hurt... i am tired of hurting... i am tired of the outside world being so violently unsafe...

and i'm not even half way through reading this...

@Sophira yeah, sure. Either that link or the original medium article.

@Sophira don't worry!

If you do post it on reddit, maybe link to my GoFundMe or something if it takes off. I could really use the help (check pinned toots).

@stragu took me months to finish because disability.
It got 0 traction on Twitter, because givifu/algorithms 😅

Glad people are reading it now.

@maloki it’s so important for people to hear that. I’m appalled at the laisser-faire. Just came back from a pharmacy and the _pharmacist_ told me I didn’t need to wear a mask……

@stragu yeah the pharmacists here don't wear masks anymore either, it's really frustrating.

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