say goodbye to using targeted ads as a form of tarot. i know that discussing what computers think of you has become a common icebreaker, so this may be a difficult adjustment. instead, try sharing what you think of computers!

NO: the algorithm thinks i’m a chaser with hormonal acne ha ha

YES: it is cruel that we have forced sand to think. why would we do that


say goodbye to celebrity, except for @TommyWiseau . no one here is famous enough that you have heard of them unless you are a nerd. you cannot bully the government on fedi, unless it is @Nicolas_Maduro . those cringe takes you want so bad to dunk on? forget them. they are meaningless. mute, block, report, move on. use #fediblock to report bad behavior widely


the fediverse has a long history of mutual aid. need help? want to raise funds for a cause? pass the hat by posting to #MutualAid, or monitor that tag to help folks in need. everything is easier when we work together, and together we are strong! ✊️


fediverse software is mostly open source, meaning you can pop the hood and break things to your liking. mastodon has many forks with interesting features, such as hometown, glitch-soc, and fedibird. there are also other instance implementations including pleroma and misskey. if you know a thing or two about software, play around and see what you like. this is still a very malleable space and your efforts can have a big impact!


@garbados and GoToSocial is definitely up there on the light weight side

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