So I guess it's time for my #introductions

I'm Andrea, a landscape archaeologist based in Rome. I did my PhD on spatial distribution of Iron Age archaeological sites along the Euphrates river.

Currently, I am working on remote sensing tools applied to cultural heritage and arch. landscape studies, plus on Historic Landscape Characterization in the Near East, and similar.

Super happy to have found this community on Mastodon!

@whysofurious welcome! I hope you like it here. is a good place!

@maloki Thank you! I'm sure I will, I can see that just by all the answers to a simple introduction, it's super welcoming :)


@whysofurious yeah. But also like a lot of people from other places see you and interact with you. Like me!

@maloki Yeah that's actually the feature I'm enjoying the most!

@whysofurious ooh also you don't have to be a one trick pony here. You can share all aspects of yourself without being punished by algorithms, and take a break and your friends will still see you when you come back. 🥰

@maloki Thanks! That's true :) It's really nice to not have any pressure at all regarding how much you are present on a platform, how much you share, who you should follow and so on 😂

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