There's never going to be good timing for this kind of stuff.

⚠ My close friend needs some emergency help to keep her living situation stable.

She didn't put it in the info yet, but they are looking to take in her partner's teenager, who's currently living in an unsustainable situation with their mom. So this will help them become stable enough to do that.

Their GoFundMe is here:

She's disabled like me, with very similar pain issues, and ironically helped me with setting mine up as well, which I think helped her accept that asking for help is okay.

As she says any little helps, but if your struggling yourself, we'd both prefer it if you help yourself first. But maybe pass it on to someone you know can afford to part with some cash. 🙏

My friend just saw that we've already reached over $400 for this fundraiser, and she told me she's so touched and happy for all the support.

So if you're one of those people, thank you. <3

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