I need to know:

Anyone dyslexic playing wordle?

@inmysocks How does it feel for you?

that's a weird question. just that my partner is worried about even trying it out.

@maloki kind of like Sudoku I guess. I know the most common letters so I have two words that use the most common ones to start and then try more or less random combinations that seem like they may be words.

But I now am very comfortable with not understanding spelling and phonetics, so failing miserably with it doesn't bother me. If your partner isn't someone who just brushes off things like that it may not be a good idea. Like 15 years ago I would have hated it and it would have just upset me.

@inmysocks Very fair. Thank you for your explanation.

He does love Sudoku and Nonograms so. I figured he'd might light it, but he dismissed it because his dyslexia.

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