I got a new judgement on the sharpie gel pen.
It's pretty nice on the less smooth paper :D

my pilot frixion ballpen is apparently ded..

@maloki i just got the red sharpie gel pen to contrast with my rotring, its pretty nice on smooth paper, but im using something that’s almost like vellum, but it’s pressed particle paper. what paper did you try that’s Less smooth? and enjoyable? moreso than ..? =)

@maloki yes i am, although ambi but left dominant meaning i only write with my right hand when i’m doing a simultaneous thing, or for laughs seldom.

@f0photo fair. sorry for being snappy, jus this was the first thread where I didn't specify.

I don't have any more elaborate things to say about it, just tat I didn't like it on the smooth paper, but it works better in my other journal that's not as smooth.

@maloki :) i found it worthy of keeping in my pencil case. :) i am pretty anal retentive when it comes to good office supplies, for example i just now after 38 years found a ballpoint pen that doesnt drive me apeshit. granted its german of course.

@f0photo and I'm trying to find something that works well with my brand of lefthanded ness :D

@maloki what kind of options have you tried and disliked? i’m usually a fountain pen person with liquid refillable ink. the bottles last forever, are pretty to look at, and sometimes i even blend different ones together and make a custom color for a special occasion or out of boredom.

@f0photo sorry, I don't have energy to delve deeper into this atm.

@maloki no worries. i was hoping it would stop for now as well, although i was asking sincerely, if you remember later feel free to pick this up. it’s 3 am here in california and i have no idea why i’ve been eating bowls of vanilla coconut yogurt with maple syrup and cassava based cereal in it, and left overs, and decaf coffee. lol. i really suspect its because i quit smoking ten days ago and my body is trying to re-calibrate itself in the weirdest way! so if i dissapear, pardon me.. :)

@maloki :ohno: I have some and love them and I felt this empathetically

@zigg I haven't used it in forever so I'm wondering if it just dried up.

@zigg the Bic 4 color pen is doing fine though. 😅

@maloki oo I haven't tried one of those yet. I'll have to add that to my wish list!

I've got Pilot Juice Up 04 that I've been using for awhile. Not scratchy so far on anything I've used them on and I can get it in brown ink which I love :3

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