You may know I spent most of yesterday crying.

And I'm kind of crying again now as I've finished writing this, but I need to share it, because I think it's important for closure, but also for other people to understand grief as love. and that you can grieve people who aren't dead, and relationships lost.

Grief: A love letter

@maloki This made me tear up over a friendship lost (for the time being, in any case). Thanks for taking the time to jot down your thoughts.

@anarchiv yeah I still just tear up from the slightest thing, and I'm just going to keep reminding myself that it's okay to be sad. and grief takes many forms, and all that.

@maloki Aye. I've also had those dreams where all was well, and that was the worst part. Still have them from time to time.

@maloki thank you for writing this. It’s so hard to try to articulate grief that is attached to loss but not death. -huuuugs-

@scarfwitch thank you for reading. ❤️
The reception of this piece has been really good. 🙏

@maloki it is something I’m dealing with too. Mine is not as recent at this point, and I know you will move through this, but it still sucker punches me sometime and I have to remind myself that I’m allowed this.

@maloki I desperately wished (wish? I guess I still do) to be able to talk about mine more publicly. Maybe i am approaching that point, I dunno.

@maloki ive had a relationship like that. thanks for writing your feelings, not on my behalf at all, but because it’s highly therapeutic and helps a lot to process how the meaning you gained really looks from it all :) there’s tremendous value there.

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