Since we're talking about FSF, I feel like this post about FSFE is relevant as fuck.

There's a toxic culture problem within free software. If you don't recognize that in your projects and communities surrounding it you can't possibly combat it.

@maloki I feel like a lot of people forgot about this already, so soon

@Shrigglepuss indeed. I hated having to read this, because I always loved meeting Matthias at conferences and I used to talk with him a fair bit when I did. But I had to allow myself to admit that the front he presents when he's working towards the public is not all of who he is.

Typical abuse behavior. And it hurts to admit that people you like can be bad, but it fucking needs to be done so we can deal with it and move forward.

@maloki absolutely, I'm sure we've all faced this, but have we all faced up to it?


> Unfortunately, the German law foresees only monetary and no other type of compensation. However, I was given the opportunity in court to ask for something else. I asked for an apology and the president of the FSFE refused. —

fuck fsf for a lot of reasons at this point but also "sorry" is not fkn hard you damn toddler

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