family, covid & cancer mentions 

MIL has cancer and isn't doing awesome, so I don't blame her for kinda doing what she wants right now, but being disappointed that we're refusing to go to the beach to share a house with her and 7 other people during a pandemic is frustrating.

and a friend who moved to FL is like "I'm going to be back up there this weekend, want to hang out?"

no! no I don't! I will not be hanging out with anyone right now or for the foreseeable future!


family, covid & babies 

@MmeLibertine Loa's sister was up last week with her new baby. And we're pretty much bubbled with that side of the family, but because I don't really leave the house, and they didn't want to come by here atm, I just didn't see them.

Like, it sucks, but I understand the decision. I just wish more people did this. 🤦

family, covid & babies 

@maloki that's exactly it. Yeah it sucks. Yeah we're missing out on things. Yeah family is important. Covid doesn't care about any of that.

family, covid & babies 

@MmeLibertine I also feel like that's making decisions because family is important, and you want to keep them around...

family, covid & babies 

@maloki exactly. but for some reason all many folks are seeing is temporary inconvenience. ugh.

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