GoFundMe for a friend 💞 

I know we've all been in situations out of our control, where any little help would've made a huge difference, and today is a day when you can make a huge difference in someone else's life.

A friend of mine is in need, she's got into medical debt for a surgery (for endometriosis) that needs to be paid off at a fairly high rate every month (£500) and after having been made redundant 3 times during the pandemic and subsequent lockdown/quarantines in 2020, it's getting harder and harder for her to pay this every month on her own. I've helped her organize this GoFundMe, and our goal is to reach at least £500/month until it's paid off.

If you're a friend of mine, and have a job and can afford to help with £4 every month until it's paid off, or just £4 today. Anything will help her in the long run.

If you don't have money: you can boost this post. (additional ways to help will be in the next post in this thread)

Our goal is to make sure she can pay rent and food every month, along with her medical debt, while also have space for emergencies.

Thank you in advance ❤

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GoFundMe for a friend 💞 / alt ways to help 

You can also help via Facebook:
Share my post, interact with my post, like my post,
Facebook posts can be shared with original message, and I'd recommend that.

And you can also boost the same things on Twitter:

And you can share it with any friends or family you know would understand or can afford to help. Or just want to help with an interaction. Let's kick these algorithms' ass!

I just sent £45 on behalf of my mom to Tilly's GoFundMe. I rounded up because conversion rates.

You can help her too! With as little as £4 you can help take a chunk out of her medical debt.

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