people still hand wringing about "setting a dangerous precedent" over deplatforming people that invite violence are just demonstrating to all of us they still don't- and maybe never will- understand the difference between the free exchange of ideas and conversations between genuine people and people acting with the intent to cause harm

"i know 90% of people dont want me to set this house on fire, but these 10% do and i think its a dangerous precedent to ignore them so i'm setting the house on fire"


@glitter I think we need to look at it like this, what they are saying is "this sets a dangerous precedence for me" as in, they may be held countable for inciting insurrection

@maloki "I am currently experiencing the consequences of my actions and this is unacceptable to me, personally, and only me, because I think I am above consequences"

@glitter kind of like the capitalism thing sid just posted. 😅

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