Pro tip, work related: 

Always write a contract.

Make sure your expected work or work title is on the contract.

Have that shit in writing, because you never know when you gonna need it.

Save it, then save backups in at least two more places.

You'll thank me in 3.5 years when you need to look at it again.

Pro tip, work related: 

This can even be useful when doing volunteer work, but you're expected to do certain work.

You can have a contract that says it's for no pay. But it provides you a security in regard to "this is work I've been assigned to do".

I don't have a lot of experience in that regard, but I'm sure others in here do have examples of contracted volunteer work.

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re: Pro tip, work related: 

@maloki Early in my career someone told me this and it was some of the best advice I got

2nd best was not signing anything with the non-compete or the 'we own your thoughts' clause present

re: Pro tip, work related: 

@maloki I also read the advice a while ago to create an invoice, even for free services (where you just apply a 100% discount), so that people get an expectation of what your work is worth.

Pro tip, work related: 

@maloki when i wanted to move to the countryside i had to pitch working from home to my employer

when i joined the company i was given the same contract as british sales staff - stating that i work from home (we don't have an office in britain)

despite that i'd always worked out of the dublin office and after 2 years i was definitely seen as "office" staff

thankfully they were amenable, but it was good security to have the document just in case they decided to be shitty

Pro tip, work related: 

@kiki yeah, I can imagine

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