Family death / abusive relationships 

So my maternal grandmother died. I haven't seen her since I was a tiny baby, because she was very abusive to my mom.

She got post-partum depression when my mom was born, to the degree that she put my mom out in the snow in February the month after she was born.

She always blamed my mom for her continued depression. And was continuing psychological abuse through her life.

So she was estranged to me. I don't even know what she looks like.


Family death / mourning 

So, while I won't mourn her, it just hit me that all my grandparents are dead. And I will mourn that. And am now crying

Grief can take many forms, even if the person was horrible.

You can grieve the relationship you wish you had. Just remember that.

Anyways, time to cry.

re: Family death / mourning 

@maloki :blobpurpleheart:​ I loved three of my four grandparents, and the fourth died when I was very small. And I knew that the last of them was on their way out, and it still hurt, deeply, when she passed earlier this year. My deepest sympathies.

Family death / mourning 

@maloki i'm sorry for your loss - it's definitely a tough grief to process when it's not so simple or direct, sending love and support on your way through it 💜

Family death / mourning 

@kiki ty

Family death / mourning 

@maloki true words.


Family death / mourning 

@maloki I am sorry you are experiencing this grief. You are so right about grieving the relationship you wish you had.

Take care of yourself. Hugs xx

Family death / mourning 

@maloki yes, grief takes on many forms. Give yourself the space you need to grieve. Thinking of you and sending you hugs

re: Family death / mourning 

@maloki take your time thru the grieving. xo

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