I got some of the books. They are so gorgeous. Look at these colors.

And the texture of them. See there is a reason for buying physical books. 😍


How to

I got a few messages about "I want to read more" and "I'm terrible about reading at the moment".

And I was the same, until like last week. And probably will be again. What got me going this time was these two YouTube videos (I also recommend the creators):

"How to Read More", by the Artisan Geek

And "How to Read More | An Honest Answer [CC]", by Bookish Realm

Bookish Realm also did this Audiobooking 101:


While I didn't agree with all the ways she does it, because I know my mind can't listen to higher speed, and I actually do listen to classics on free audiobook, she still does a great job explaining where you can find time and space to read.

I hope it helps. <3

How to

@maloki This is great, I'll watch these later! I've also been trying to read more. It's a constant struggle between reading, other hobbies, or chores.

There's definitely something special about having a good book in-hand! I aim for e-books when I can, but some books are just require a physical copy.

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