Black YouTubers (Books) 

Since someone was asking for recommendations with Black and Indigenous YouTube Channels, I got a few recommendations that I watch regularly:

Noria Reads:

Booking Realm:

The Artisan Geek:

And Bowties & Books:

They are fairly different, but worth checking out to see who fits you :)

Black YouTubers (Other) 

Other, not book related but YouTube channels by black folx I find interesting:

The Grapevine



Karen Hunter Show, it's a radio show, but the current "In class with Doctor Carr" is really fucking good shit:

Write About Now, Poetry channel, with a lot of black people on the stage:

Black Girl Nerds:

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Black YouTubers 

VivHairTherapy, I aboslutely adore Viv, she's funny as fuck, and try a lot of weird things for her hair. Especially things that aren't really for her hair. You'll see what I mean.

Kat Blaque, Trans, and well talks about a lot of things others may not dare touch.

Tech for tech: Marques Brownlee

As well as, The Come Up:

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Black YouTubers 

For gardening, and homesteading, Homestead Heart:

Just learn about the world and how everything connects, Akala:

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Non-Black YouTubers, lending platforms 

I also want to add as a bonus: Jameela Jamil who is doing fantastic work at extending her platform to people who may not have a voice.

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